Both Sides Live Double Album

Both Sides Live Double Album

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This album of all live recordings includes almost two hours of music on two CDs, withThe Electric Factory capturing the electric side of the band and the The Secret Sessions exploring the acoustic side.


  1. I'm Alive
  2. Time Stand Still
  3. South Ferry Road
  4. All You Zombies
  5. The Boys of Summer
  6. Johnny B
  7. Where the Wind May Blow
  8. Karla with a K
  9. 25 Hours A Day
  10. Satellite
  11. And We Danced
  12. Day By Day
  13. Free Again


  1. Introduction
  2. 25 Hours A Day
  3. All You Zombies
  4. Time Stand Still
  5. Johnny B
  6. Morning Buzz
  7. Satellite
  8. The Boys Of Summer
  9. Day By Day
  10. Ordinary Lives
  11. Karla With A K
  12. I'm Alive
  13. And We Danced